Information Systems Information System

Information System

Information System

Information technology has now become one of the most important pillars to help growing companies. Recent studies have shown that companies which invest more in information technology have higher percentages of added values than other companies that rely on traditional methods in The same area, and the most important of these added values are the speed and accuracy of decision-making and the ability to achieve a broad relationship and greater spread at the international level.

And so that the management of Combined Group Contracting is based on the latest technology in the field of information systems. It includes the company’s ERP system which helps push the work movement through the best procedures in the field of industry and contracting.

The system integrates planning, procurement and warehouse operations, implementation, accounting and other standardized operations.

The Department is keen to maintain and secure data and information by strictly restricting the powers granted to users in accordance with their functions.

Awards & Recognition:

The ERP implementation was awarded as the best in the category across MENA (Middle East and
North Africa) as well as EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) regions.