Customer Care Customer Care

Customer Care

CGC deals very carefully with its customers whether they are governmental or civil, and proud to be part of the family of the group. Therefore, CGC has designed an integrated system to serve the client in line with the interests of customers so they can interact with us and help us to get any suggestions, inquiries or complaints. Your interventions will be reviewed in a personal manner and will contact you within 48 hours from the date you submit your application.

If you would like to know about customer actions in our QMS, please click the links below:


For complaints and suggestions, you can contact us via e-mail

Or on the number

 (+965) 24344610, addressed to the QA/QC Department.

Or you can meet with a customer service representative to discuss or register inquiries or complaints personally.

Customer Survey

CGC conducts an annual customer satisfaction survey to determine the customer’s perception of our company, products, services, employees and anything else the customer needs to change or improve.

An official letter is sent to all our clients including suggestions, feedback forms and customer satisfaction questionnaire. We ask for its improvement.

We kindly ask you to submit your suggestions and feedback to ensure that we continue to give you the best service. Once we have processed your responses and suggestions, the survey results will be sent to our clients as part of our transparency policy.

Thank you for your interest in the Joint Group Contracting Company, and we look forward to providing the best services.